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Over 20 years of communications strategy and digital media solutions both in the private industry as well as our federal government.





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The official public website of the Office of Inspector General to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA OIG). This version is built on the Drupal platform; a popular open source web content management system.


EPA OIG website grab image

The previous "coded from scratch" version of the official EPA OIG public website.




Fort Belvoir DMFWR website grab image

  The redesigned central web presence of Fort Belvoir's DFMWR. A lot of time was spent listening and researching the needs of the Directorate of Family and Moral, Welfare, & Recreation to create an online resource that was: user-friendly, active, and inviting to its visitors. The soldiers, civilians, retirees, and families of Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

  XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP were the building blocks that let me give the users as much information as possible, while allowing me to efficiently manage the rush of user interaction, increased information and facility interest that came with the launch. A double-edged strategy of social media integration provided both community building and staff usability. This ensures that the web site, not only "looked nice", but was also the workhorse of the Belvoir DFMWR events and programs system.

  I was responsible for the planning, visual and brand design, coding, social media establishment / coordination, site SEO, domain management, facility feature planning, content coordination and promotional strategies of this project.

Albuquerque Cupcake Creations website grab image

  XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP based retail and promotional presence of Albuquerque Cupcake Creations, a Cupcake Boutique serving Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  I proposed and executed a complete visual and functional strategy for the web site. This included integrating social media applications from Twitter, Flickr and Facebook to allow the client extremely user-friendly dynamic content management. This system also provides a "minimum effort, maximum effect" strategy for social web marketing and search engine optimization.

  I was responsible for the planning, visual and brand design, coding, social media establishment / coordination, site SEO, domain acquisition / setup and copy writing of this project.


Video Production, Graphics and Photography

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Title: UAV Game Introduction    Client: United States Airforce    Runtime: 0:37   

Title: DGK Site Video    Client: Reebok    Runtime: 2:07   

Title: Casio Exilim Site (Case study)    Client: Casio    Runtime: 3:08   

Title: Ping Site Intro (Case study)    Client: Ping Golf    Runtime: 2:45   

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Michael Synclare

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